200 Tons Dolomite Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is widely used as a secondary crushing equipment in crushing and sand making production lines, and the impact crusher can crush various rocks with a compressive strength of not more than 350 MPa, with large crushing ratio, stable performance and environmental protection. Advantages, with the improvement of technology, this impact crusher is really powerful, broken dolomite can not only reach 200 tons, we as the ore processing machinery and equipment manufacturers, here we talk about this crushing equipment.

In addition to the complete range of equipment, the 200-ton dolomite impact crusher can be combined with a mobile crusher. It can be walked at the front with a front end, and the equipment has both feeding, crushing, conveying and screening. The function greatly reduces the installation time and freight cost of the equipment, makes the crushing convenient and fast, and the operation is also very simple, and saves a lot of time and investment for the customer.

This mobile dolomite counter crusher has a wide range of applications. It can not only break dolomite, but also break down difficult materials such as construction waste and slag. It can also be used on rough roads, narrow terrain and muddy roads. Work on the road surface, etc.

Not only that, the impact crusher has a processing capacity of 30-800t / h, from the output to meet the different needs of customers, and the model is relatively complete, the output of different models is also different. how about it? This 200-ton dolomite impact crusher is not very powerful, not only can meet the needs of customers in terms of output, but also can be combined with mobile crusher, easy to achieve transition, improve work efficiency, and construction waste It is also unrelenting. Should you have such a device?

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