Carbon Black Mill

Our mills can grind carbon black materials into powdered products. Our high-pressure mill, trapezoidal mill and other types of machines can grind the material to 400 mesh fineness; ultra-fine grinding machine in carbon black grinding powder, some carbon black raw materials contain a certain amount of impurities, such as In order to obtain the ideal product, We will supply the corresponding magnetic separation equipment according to the customer’s needs. After the magnetic separation, the purity of the carbon black will be increased, and then the grinding machine will be ground to obtain the higher quality carbon. Black finished product.

Carbon black, also known as carbon black, is an amorphous carbon. Light, loose and extremely fine black powder with a very large specific surface area. It is a product of organic matter (natural gas, heavy oil, fuel oil, etc.) which is incompletely burned or decomposed by heat under insufficient air conditions.

Carbon black is mainly used as a reinforcing agent and filler for rubber, and its consumption is about half of the rubber consumption. The carbon black for rubber accounts for 94% of the total carbon black, of which about 60% is used for tire manufacturing. In addition, carbon black is also used as a colorant for inks, coatings and plastics, as well as an ultraviolet light shielding agent for plastic products. It is also an important additive in many other products such as electrodes, dry batteries, resistors, explosives, cosmetics and polishing pastes. Here, carbon black can be classified into three types according to the use and use characteristics: carbon black for rubber, pigment black and conductive carbon black.

How does the carbon black mill work?

During operation, the main motor of the mill drives the spindle and the turntable through the reducer, and the roller pin on the edge of the turner drives dozens of grinding rollers to roll in the grinding ring raceway. The pyrolysis carbon black is broken into small particles by the crusher and then sent to the storage bin by the hoist, and then the carbon black particles are evenly sent to the bulk disc on the upper part of the turntable through the vibration feeder and the inclined feed pipe. . The carbon black particles are scattered to the circumference of the circle under the action of centrifugal force, and fall into the raceway of the grinding ring, which is impacted, rolled and ground by the ring roller. After the processing of the three-layer loop, it becomes carbon black powder, and the high-pressure fan passes the suction effect. The outside air is drawn into the machine, and the pulverized carbon black powder is brought into the classifier.

The rotating impeller in the powder separator re-grinds the coarse carbon black powder, and the fine powder that meets the requirements enters the cyclone dust collector with the airflow and is discharged from the lower discharge valve to be the final carbon black ultrafine powder. The airflow with a small amount of fine dust is purified by a pulse dust collector and then discharged through a fan and a muffler.

Equipment composition of carbon black mill

The complete set of carbon black mill includes hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, vibrating feeder, mill host, frequency classifier, double cyclone dust collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure fan, Air compressor, electrical control system.

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