Cassiterite Ore Crusher Plant


The best sources of primary cassiterite are found in the tin mines of Bolivia. The veins commonly contain tourmaline, topaz, fluorite, apatite, wolframite, molybdenite, and arsenopyrite. The mineral occurs extensively in Cornwall as surface deposits on Bodmin Moor for example, where there are extensive traces of a hydraulic mining method known as streaming. The current major tin production comes from placer or alluvial deposits in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Maakhir region of Somalia, and Russia. Hydraulic mining methods are used to concentrate the fine particles of ore owing to its high specific gravity of about 7.0 G.

Crusher Machine for Cassiterite Mining

The particular cassiterite quarry mining process is difficult process and will need many crushing method. Through the mining process cassiterite boulders are changed into all sizes regarding materials. The blasting process is step one determining what has to be accomplished next. Stone hammers, drop tennis balls, primary crushers, and gyratory crusher all give rise to the cassiterite mining process. Coarse materials are usually sent by belt conveyor for the cassiterite killer plant or cassiterite mining plant for further crushing, grinding and sizing. Cassiterite crusher plant is very important in cassiterite mining process.

Cassiterite Ore Crusher Plant

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