Disassemble Cone Crusher Wearing Parts

Cone crusher is a common mechanical equipment for crushing and processing of ore. We are the manufacturer of ore processing machinery. Here we talk about how to replace bushings, pinions or other wearing parts. Drive pedestal and drive shaft parts, these parts are all fragile parts in the cone crusher, here and how to replace these small parts.

The user needs to remove all the oil pipes that affect the disassembly of the drive shaft. Remove the pulley at the end of the cone crusher as described in the disassembly section of the cone crusher pulley. This is to avoid damage to the pulley during the removal of the drive shaft. Fasten the drive shaft frame and the screw removal of the frame. Screw the supplied special jack-up screw into the three threaded holes evenly distributed on the outer flange of the drive shaft frame.

In order to prevent the drive shaft frame from being in the rack, screw the jacking screws one by one. If the fit is too tight, heat the frame (cooperate with the outer flange of the drive shaft bracket) to make the rack hole The temperature is about 55 буC higher than the ambient temperature. This method can help disassemble. Continue to screw in the screws and know that the drive shaft frame is separated from the frame. A long tube is placed on the pulley end of the drive shaft to keep the whole part. Balance. Remove it by means of a crane or other suitable lifting device.

Then remove the oil collector. Heat the oil ring to a temperature above 30 буC. Place a rod between the drive shaft and the oil ring and apply proper pressure. Once the oil ring is loose, Grab both sides of the oil ring and remove it from the shaft. The inner ring of the oil ring is filled with O-rings or graphite filled with sealant to prevent oil from leaking along the drive shaft. Do not damage the seal during the disassembly of the oil slinger. If the seal is damaged, it must be replaced before reinstallation.

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