Dolomite Processing Application

Which industries can be used after dolomite processing?

Dolomite is a kind of ore resource that everyone is familiar with. It has a very important role. In addition, because of the calcium and magnesium resources contained in dolomite itself, it has very important purposes, so the dolomite mill is particularly important. As a manufacturer of ore grinding processing machinery, we are here to talk about the processing of dolomite mill and the application of dolomite.

In the metallurgical industry, dolomite with a ore size of 30-120mm is an important raw material for the production of metallic magnesium. At the same time, dolomite is also one of the important raw materials for alkaline refractories. Its importance is second only to magnesite, mainly used for refining. Steel converter lining, open hearth furnace, electric furnace wall, and secondly used for thermal equipment such as refining equipment outside the furnace and cement kiln.

In the chemical industry, dolomite is processed to produce magnesium carbonate. At the same time, dolomite can also produce important chemical raw materials such as magnesium sulfate, magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide after processing. In the building materials industry, the manufacture of magnesium oxychloride cement is another important use of dolomite. In addition, after calcining dolomite to form caustic dolomite, it can also be processed into magnesium hydroxide cement and magnesium sulfate cement. At the same time, the processing and utilization of dolomite also involves fields such as glass and ceramics.

In general, dolomite is a non-metallic mineral resource that can be processed and utilized in many ways. With the development of modern science and technology, the processing and utilization of dolomite has penetrated into various fields of social development and become a kind of A mineral resource of great economic value. Our dolomite mill can process fine powder in the range of 80-400 mesh, and the ultra-fine mill can process micro-powder of 300-1500 mesh. It is widely used in the deep processing of dolomite ore, and the company produces bismuth. Crusher and hammer crusher are also commonly used in the crushing of dolomite ore.

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