Impact Crusher Rotor

Impact crusher rotor feed rate

The work of the impact crusher will be affected by the rotor feed rate. These effects are mainly manifested in three aspects. There are many influencing factors in the working process of the impact crusher. We need to check these factors one by one in production. Otherwise, for production, it will affect the efficiency, material quality and even equipment life. Question, here we are to introduce the influence of one of these many factors on the work speed of the rotor. After analysis, it is found that this effect is mainly manifested in three aspects. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone.

Impact on production capacity

In the production process of the impact crusher, the rotor is an important part involved in the production of the material. Generally, the rotation speed of the rotor is adjusted according to the production requirements. If the rotation speed of the rotor changes during production, the speed of the material entering the rotor needs to be adjusted. Otherwise, it will have a greater impact on the production capacity. For example, if the rotor speed is increased, but the speed of the material entering the rotor is not increased, it will cause excessive pulverization and excessive material return, which will cause the finished product to be affected. Larger impact, in general, when the impact crusher is working, the rotor feed rate can be different to achieve different production capacity, and the required production yield can be obtained by adjusting the feed rate of the rotor.

Impact on efficiency

When the impact crusher is working, no matter which type of equipment is used, the speed of the material entering the rotor is required to be within a reasonable range, that is, the minimum speed should be met, and the material needs to be adjusted according to the crushability of the material. Speed, in general, if the crushing property is good, it is necessary to adopt a large feed speed. If the crushing property is not good, a small feed speed is required, so that the demand for the finished product can be satisfied while meeting the efficiency demand.

Impact on board hammer wear

During the production process of the impact crusher, the rotor feed rate will affect the number of times the hammer hammer impacts the material. When the feed speed is small, the number of strikes is large, and the sharp angle of the hammer face is quickly ground into rounded corners. The large amount of material is punched up, and the result is that the material is repeatedly crushed in the crushing chamber, which not only increases the number of hits of the hammer, but also aggravates the wear of the hammer and increases the excessive pulverization of the crushed material of the impact crusher to produce powder. Excessive material, the storage time is blocked due to severe time, and the production capacity drops sharply. Therefore, the rotor feed rate must be coordinated according to the actual situation.

The article mainly introduces the impact of the feed speed of the impact crusher on the work. The above mainly introduces three aspects: one is the influence on the ability of raw tea, the other is the effect on efficiency, and the third is the wear of the plate hammer. The impact of these three points is also relatively clear, we hope to help everyone.

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