Quality of Belt Conveyor Idler

Tape conveyor is also called belt conveyor. This ore processing machinery is mainly used for the transportation of mine stone. The load weight is small. The roller is an important part to support the conveyor belt and material weight of the belt conveyor. It accounts for the total cost of one machine. 35% of the load, withstand more than 70% of the resistance, therefore, the quality of the roller is particularly important. We are here to talk to you about the quality of the roller conveyor belt. The criteria for judging the quality of the rollers are the radial runout of the idler, the flexibility of the idler and the amount of axial turbulence.

The flexibility of the idler is very important during the operation of the belt conveyor. If the flexibility of the idler is not good and the coefficient of rotation resistance is high, the entire belt conveyor system will have to pay more power, consume more power, and sometimes cause tearing of the tape, burning of the motor, and more serious. It can cause a fire. Therefore, the selection of the roller with low rotational resistance coefficient (preferably less than 0.020) is an important part of the design and selection of the tape conveyor.

The roller keeps the belt conveyor running smoothly within the range of the specified amount of runout. Otherwise, the tape conveyor belt will be resonantly beating, causing material to spill and pollute the environment. In the case of a higher belt speed, the more the radial runout is small. The standard specification is 0.7 mm, and the amount specified by the Japanese JIS standard is 0.5 mm.

The belt conveyor manufacturing technology is more and more advanced, but the axis tilt is still a subject that needs to be studied. Due to the current tape manufacturing technology in China, the tape conveyor installation technology is still far from the advanced countries, and tape runs often occur. Partial situation. If the axial amount of the idler is large, it will cause early damage of the idler. Generally, the axial yaw amount is preferably controlled within 0.5-0.7 mm.

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