Advantages of vertical mill compared to ultrafine mill

Advantages of counting vertical mill compared to ultrafine mill

Today, take everyone to check the comparison between the vertical mill and the large ultrafine mill. China's large-scale milling machine is developed on the basis of absorbing foreign technology. Compared with foreign large-scale ultrafine grinding machines, the vertical grinding machine developed and produced in China is the advantage of domestic vertical grinding.

Advantages of vertical mill compared to ultrafine mill

1. Production investment costs have been significantly reduced. The vertical grinding system has a simple process, compact layout, small building area, and covers an area of about 70% of the ball mill system. The building space is about 60% of the ball mill system and can be arranged in the open air, which directly reduces the investment cost of the enterprise. And the vertical mill itself has a separator, no need to add a separator and lifting equipment. The dust-laden gas can be collected directly from a bag filter or an electric dust collector.

2. High production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The vertical mill uses the principle of material layer grinding to grind the material, and the energy consumption is low. The power consumption of the grinding system is 20%~30% lower than that of the ball mill, and the power saving effect is more obvious with the increase of the moisture of the raw material. The energy consumption of the vertical mill system is 30% to 40% compared to the ball mill system. Vertical grinding does not have the metal impact of the ball in the ball mill colliding with each other and hitting the liner, so the noise is small, 20~25dB lower than the ball mill. In addition, the vertical mill uses a fully enclosed system, the system works under negative pressure, no dust, and the environment is clean.

3. Material drying ability is strong. The vertical mill uses hot air to transport the material, and when the material with large moisture is ground, the inlet air temperature can be controlled to achieve the desired final moisture. It can be dried in the vertical mill into the material with the moisture up to 15%~20%.

4. Easy to operate and easy to maintain. Equipped with automatic control system, it can realize remote control and easy operation. By repairing the oil cylinder and turning the rotating arm, it is convenient and quick to change the roller sleeve and liner, reducing the downtime of the enterprise.

5. Product quality is stable and easy to detect. The chemical composition of the product is stable and the particle size is uniform, which is beneficial to calcination. The material stays in the vertical mill for only 2~3min, while in the ball mill it takes 15~20min. Therefore, the chemical composition and fineness of the vertical mill product can be quickly determined and corrected.

6. Small wear and high utilization. Since the grinding roller and the grinding disc have no direct contact between metals in the vertical grinding operation, the wear is small, and the metal consumption per unit product is generally 5~10g/t. High-pressure Raymond mill, vertical coarse powder mill, large ultrafine mill. Every mill machine has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is the right choice to choose the mill equipment that is suitable for processing your own materials. You can't see which mill is cheaper and which one is high. The mill equipments produced by Heavy Industry are diversified and the models are complete, which can meet the needs of different powder processing enterprises. To re-purchase the mill, our company will reasonably match you with the equipment that best suits your material processing.

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