Basalt Crushing Equipment

Basalt equipment and use of basalt after crushing

Basalt is a hard and tough material with a high silicon content. It is a material that is difficult to break and has high crushing cost in actual crushing operations. Therefore, the crushing process of basalt must be designed reasonably. When considering the investment cost of the crushing project, the production cost of the production line must be considered. The raw material is the crushing operation of basalt, and the wear of the wear parts such as the slab, the hammer and the counterattack is very high. Therefore, in the design of the crushing process, the crushing equipment of the lamination principle is selected as much as possible to reduce the wear of the wear parts.

Basalt Crushing Equipment

A typical laminating equipment configuration is a two-stage rupture or rupture plus cone-breaking process configuration. If the customer has higher requirements on the stone size, it can be configured with a counter-breaking and complete-type crushing, thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration. The three-stage crushing will inevitably lead to higher investment cost of the project, but for the long-running stone plant, the three-stage crushing is very significant for the reduction of production cost. For stone materials such as basalt, which are difficult to break, it is also possible to use a two-stage crushing process that is broken and countered. However, this will inevitably lead to problems such as high loss of the hammer of the counterattack, short life of the hammer, and high proportion of the counter material. These problems are worthy of attention of manufacturers and customers.

Several basalt crushers

Basalt jaw crusher

The basalt jaw crusher has simple structure, reliable work and low operating cost; the crushing chamber is deep and there is no dead zone, which improves the feeding capacity and output; the crushing ratio is large, the product granularity is uniform; the gasket type discharge opening adjusting device is reliable. Convenient, large adjustment range, increased equipment flexibility, can meet the requirements of different users; lubrication system is stable and reliable, parts replacement is convenient, maintenance workload is small; equipment energy saving: single machine energy saving 15% ~ 30%, system energy saving more than double Low noise and less dust. Because of these performance characteristics, it has obvious advantages in crushing basalt, which is more difficult to break.

Basalt impact crusher

The basalt impact crusher has large feed port, high crushing chamber, high material hardness, large block size and less product stone powder. The gap between the counterattack plate and the plate hammer can be easily adjusted, the discharge granularity is effectively controlled, the particle shape is good, and the structure is compact. The machine has strong rigidity, the rotor has large moment of inertia; high chrome plate hammer, anti-impact, anti-wear and impact force; no key connection, convenient maintenance, economical and reliable; full crushing function, high productivity, small wear of the machine parts, comprehensive benefits high. Use this equipment to break the hard-to-break basalt and get twice the result with half the effort. This series of products can handle materials with a side length of 100-500 mm, with a compressive strength of up to 350 MPa, with a large crushing ratio and cubic material after crushing.

Basalt cone crusher

The basalt cone crusher is based on the introduction and absorption of foreign technology by Dawn Heavy Industry. According to the customer's needs, based on the principle of laminating crushing and multi-breaking and grinding concept design, the high swing frequency, optimized cavity type and reasonable stroke are integrated. The modern high-performance spring cone crusher has the characteristics of uniform grain size, good stability, convenient clearing, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, low production cost and wide application. It can meet the requirements of basalt products with different requirements.

Basalt sand making machine

The basalt sand making machine is the main sand making equipment obtained by Dawn Heavy Industry. It is easy to install and easy to operate. It has a large processing capacity and the output is up to 50-500t/h. It adopts the excellent impact chamber material impact angle design and wear parts. The friction is less, the consumption of wearing parts is low; the shape of the product is excellent in cube shape, the gradation is reasonable, the fineness modulus is adjustable; the repairing and replacing of the components in the crushing chamber is convenient and quick, shortening the downtime, saving time and labor; automatic detection, The quality is reliable; the important thing is that the multi-purpose machine is flexible, the application is flexible, the work noise is small, and the pollution is small. For the society that requires environmental protection and advocates energy conservation and consumption reduction, it is a better choice to use this equipment to break the basalt.

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