Configure High Efficiency Sandstone Production Line

How to configure a high efficiency sandstone production line

The equipment needed for the gravel production line needs us to be properly configured to achieve better mechanical efficiency. So let's take a look at how to configure the sandstone production line.

Configure High Efficiency Sandstone Production Line

Sandstone production line processing system design

In the design process of the entire sandstone production line processing system, comprehensive considerations are made from the aspects of work efficiency, product quality, energy consumption, safe transportation, and ease of installation. The sandstone system uses advanced computer control technology to achieve automation and centralized monitoring of large construction systems. The technical level of the construction system has been pushed to a new height; the PLC non-contact system has been adopted to improve the flexibility of the control system and to adapt to the changing characteristics of the construction site; the container-type construction system control center is closed. The structure prevents dust and noise pollution at the construction site, purifies the working environment of the monitoring system; eliminates the building construction, reduces the floor space, creates good economic benefits; eliminates the installation workload of on-site electrical equipment, Win construction time; convenient transportation, and can achieve rapid transfer and flexible transfer.

We optimized the traditional three-stage crushing into two-stage crushing, using a segmented closed loop, that is, medium crushing and screening closed loop, sand making and screening screening closed loop. In the second stage of crushing process, the opening of the equipment discharge opening can be adjusted according to the production schedule of different time periods, and the reversible belt conveyor of the workshop can be used as an intermediary adjustment mechanism to meet the demand of coarse aggregate or sand making materials, especially The sand making process is superior to other processes. This process mainly uses the principle of "stone rock" and is equipped with VSI series sand making machine to complete the fine crushing sand, which not only reduces the investment cost of Linjian, but also reduces the production cost. The dry sieving artificial sandstone production line process is conducive to the construction of the crushing concrete, which brings good economic benefits to both the construction party and the construction party.

In order to ensure the continuity and flexibility of the construction of the project laid the foundation, but also reduce the cost of the project, for the selection of advanced crushing and screening equipment.

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