High Efficiency Mobile Crushing Station

Mobile crushing station has high efficiency in crushing operation

We all know that the mobile crushing station is a crushing device for treating construction waste. Its maneuverability, advanced crushing system, and high efficiency of crushing work, so it has an advanced crushing process.

High Efficiency Mobile Crushing Station

The mobile crushing station can install jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, vibrating screens, etc. according to different customer requirements. According to its driving form, it can be divided into a tire type mobile crushing station and a crawler type mobile crushing station. The use of integrated unit equipment eliminates the hassle of self-installation, while the compact structure expands the space for material stacking and transport. Its maneuverability makes it possible to directly break the material at the construction site and reduce the cost of the material during transportation. Its strong applicability can provide customers with a simpler workflow, while reducing the cost of customers in production, bringing great economic benefits to customers.

It is said that the mobile crushing station is the elite of the broken industry, and there must be a cause. Because the mobile crushing station can be directly placed on the coal mining face, with the coal mining edge crushing and loading, the particle size problem of coal can be better solved. Greatly reduce the investment cost, but also improve the economic benefits of coal mines.

According to the characteristics of coal mining in open pit mines, in order to meet the requirements of single-cylinder shipment, in addition to the main function of the mobile crusher, the mobile crusher needs to have the functions of self-propelled, loading and loading. Reduce the intermediate links of the country's crushing process as much as possible, and reduce the cost per ton of coal.

The Mobile Crushing Station

The mobile crushing station is composed of a crusher, a crawler running mechanism and a loading and transferring mechanism. The choice is suitable for the crusher, which is not only simple in structure, but also easy to operate. In order to reduce the shipping process, the crusher is required to move at any time. In the coal mining face with the loading bucket mechanical work, it is more appropriate to use crawler walking. The crawler chassis of the excavator or crane can be directly used as the traveling mechanism of the movable crusher, and the motor is driven by the wheel reducer or by a hydraulic motor. The feeder is in the form of a circular chain-scraper conveyor. The bucket machine discharges the coal into the discharge chute of the loading mechanism, and the scraper conveyor uniformly feeds the coal into the crusher. The broken coal needs to be transported by car, so it is necessary to set up a transfer machine. The transfer machine uses a belt conveyor to determine its length according to the height required for loading, and the transfer machine can be rotated to meet the requirements of loading.

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