Milling machine price for processing barite

Barite knowledge Milling machine price of barite

The barite is a non-metallic mineral product mainly composed of barium sulfate (BaSO4). The pure barite is white and shiny. It is often gray, light red and light yellow due to the influence of impurities and impurities. How much do you know about barite? What are the hazards of barite? we will answer you one by one. Health hazard: Pure barium sulfate is insoluble in water and non-toxic. Inhalation can cause chest tightness, chest pain, cough, etc. Irritating to the eyes, long-term inhalation can cause pneumoconiosis. It is harmful to the environment and can cause pollution to the atmosphere. When skin is in contact, remove contaminated clothing as soon as possible and rinse with running water.

Milling machine price for processing barite

When the eyes are in contact, the eyelids should be lifted and rinsed with running water or saline. If it is serious, seek medical advice promptly. If you accidentally inhale, you should leave the site as soon as possible, until the air is fresh. If you have difficulty breathing, give oxygen and seek medical advice. When you accidentally eat, drink plenty of warm water to induce vomiting. If you are serious, seek medical advice promptly. The barite is decomposed by high heat to produce toxic sulfide fumes. The harmful combustion product is sulfur trioxide.

What is the application of barite? Barite is a non-renewable resource and is one of China's export-oriented mineral products. It is widely used as a weighting agent for oil and natural gas drilling mud, and its consumption in the fields of antimony chemicals and fillers is also increasing year by year. China's barite resources are quite abundant, distributed in 21 provinces (regions) across the country, with a total reserve of 360 million tons of ore, ranking first in the world. It is medically useful for contrast agents in the digestive system.

Having talked so much about barite, do you know what form of barite should be used by humans? Yes, using the barite mill equipment to crush and grind into powder, in order to better use, the powder maintains the crystal structure of minerals, widely used in coatings, rubber, plastics, paper, ceramics and other industries, some large and medium-sized domestic The paint factory uses it instead of titanium dioxide to produce a variety of paints, which is a high-quality filler. Our company is a professional manufacturer of grinding machine equipment. The grinding machine equipment produced by our company is complete in model, widely used, advanced in technology and excellent in quality and price.

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