Mobile Crusher Can Not Load Work

The mobile crushing station is a crushing and processing machine that uses convenient ore. The crushing station of the mobile crushing station is large and easy to transport during the use of the machine, so it has been loved by the majority of users. Here, users are reminded to pay attention to mobile. The overload of the crusher, the overload of the mobile crusher will mean that the equipment itself has certain problems, this is an alarm, reminding us to check and maintain it from time to time.

Mobile Crusher Can Not Load Work

Energy-saving mobile crushing station structure

The structure design of the energy-saving mobile crushing station is compact and reasonable, and the structural composition is relatively simple. It is usually composed of a crushing system, a feeding system, a screening system, and a conveying system. The crushing system is the key to the crushing station, which is to crush the material; the feeding system is named as to uniformly feed the material into the crusher; the screening system divides the crushed material into different specifications; the conveying system Nature is the role of connecting the crushing station. The crushing system of the crushing station can be operated by the smashing, counter-breaking, hammer breaking, cone breaking, impact breaking, etc. according to the needs of the user, and the machine is more free and convenient.

The basic characteristics of the mobile crusher load are uneven impact load. In the case of belt drive, the impact load will also have a great impact on the motor, the pulley and the drive pulley, causing overcurrent and heat generation of the motor and accelerated wear of the belt and pulley . On the one hand, its overload will increase the cost of accessories for the equipment, and at the same time increase the failure time of the equipment and reduce the service life of the equipment. This is a huge loss for the ore processing equipment.

It is necessary to remind the users to overload the motor of the mobile crusher. We can add a hydraulic coupler between the motor and the crusher pulley. This device has strong overload protection and can protect. The mobile crusher does not have an abnormal situation during use.

Through the above introduction, when using the mobile crusher, we must check it from many aspects, and prevent it in advance, in order to greatly improve its efficiency and reduce the use of the mobile crusher. Some abnormal damage occurred.

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