New Sand Making Machine

Breaking characteristics of the new sand making machine

  1. The sand making machine is a high-strength self-lined impact type ultra-fine crushing equipment;
  2. The finite element calculation method is adopted in the rotor design. After repeated calculation and correction design, the maximum stress at the dangerous section is 130MP a at the maximum working speed of the rotor, which satisfies the requirements of design and material selection;
  3. After the equipment is manufactured, the electrical stress analysis of the rotor is carried out. The results are consistent with the finite element calculation. The accuracy of the finite element calculation is verified, and the safety and reliability of the actual rotor operation are verified.
  4. The crushing test was carried out with materials of different properties such as sintered high alumina bauxite, waste magnet, steel slag and tin ore, and the desired crushing effect was obtained.
  5. Compared with the international leading equipment vertical crusher, the crushing particle size curve is in the same range, and the impact crusher achieves the crushing effect of the crusher.
New Sand Making Machine

Causes and solutions for the imbalance of the rotor of the sand making machine

The sand making machine is a very important mechanical equipment in industrial production. The high efficiency and high output of the sand making machine are required for every large-scale project. Among them, the balance of the rotor is one of the important factors affecting the efficiency of the sand making machine. Therefore, understanding the factors that cause the rotor imbalance of the sand making machine and how to deal with these problems are very necessary for the correct use of the sand making machine.

There are several factors in the rotor imbalance of the sander. The first is the manufacturing process of the manufacturer, the second is that the rotor is not installed correctly at the time of installation, and the reason is that the contact parts indicate foreign matter. These factors that cause the rotor to be unbalanced, and to solve these, the production of the sand making machine can be well guaranteed, and we have dealt with these problems very well.

In the production process, we have been constantly innovating and researching. In addition, we also use an on-line dynamic balancer to check whether the rotor of the sand making machine is running smoothly. The rotor can be monitored at any time to ensure the balance of the rotor.

Environmental protection and energy saving new sand making machine

The sand making machine has a unique method in the treatment of solid waste such as scrap steel, waste ore, water slag and steel slag. The following is an analysis of its treatment of ore and waste. Tin ore is a non-ferrous metal ore with about 20% of metal minerals, mainly including cassiterite, pyrite, iron sphalerite and brittle sulphur, lead and zinc ore; The gangue minerals account for about 80%, mainly including quartz, calcite and siderite. Although the ore is more fragile, it requires a particle size of -2 mm. It is currently treated with a rod mill, which is difficult to achieve with conventional crushers. This requires the use of more efficient sand making equipment.

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