Pay attention to the damage of dust to ore crusher

The ore crusher is the mechanical equipment for crushing and processing of ore. Some common ore crushers in the gravel production line include jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher and other crushing equipment. The majority of users pay attention to the fact that the ore crusher should pay attention to the damage caused by the dust pollution generated by the ore crusher in the process of crushing ore to the ore crusher.

Pay attention to the damage of dust to ore crusher

In order to reduce the dust caused by the air leakage of the crusher casing, in actual production, when the material is dry, water is often poured at the inlet of the crusher. In fact, this situation is wrong, which will aggravate the bag filter of the ore crusher. A series of problems, such as filter bag and cutting device blockage, are also harmful to the ore crusher.

During the falling process of the ore and other materials on the belt crusher of the ore crusher, the air and the material enter the sealed dust hood, and the dust-containing gas diffuses outside the cover through the gaps and holes in the cover wall. In addition, due to the corner of the belt conveyor If the dust removal point is not properly set, the dust remover will have almost no effect on the dust of the lower belt conveyor. During the use of the ore crusher, the dust problem generated has a great impact on the ore crusher.

When the crushing material of the ore crusher has a large humidity, the elbow portion is easily worn by the dust and the dust particles that are blocked into the dust collector are thicker than the broken dry material, and the bag type dust remover is easy to paste the bag, and the feeder is easy to block, resulting in blockage. The bag filter has a large increase in ventilation resistance, and the ventilation capacity is reduced, resulting in wear of parts of the ore crusher.

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