Prevent Failure Of Sand Making Machine

How to prevent the sand making machine from malfunctioning in the sand making line. The sand making machine is also called the straight-through impact type sand making machine. The high-efficiency sand making machine is based on the advantage of further absorbing the vertical impact breaking and improving it. At the same time, it combines the advantages of the hammer type and counter-attack type fine crushing machine and is developed comprehensively. High-efficiency composite sand making machine, which is the core equipment of construction, mining, metallurgy industry and highway, railway, bridge, hydropower, mineral grinding and mechanism sand industry. We will appear in the sand making line for sand making machine. The fault and solution are for you to answer the following questions:

1. Abnormal vibration of the sand making machine during the production process

  1. 1. If the material entering the sand making machine is too large, you can check the feed size.
  2. 2. The impeller of the sand making machine is unevenly worn. Check the wear condition of the impeller and the alloy hammer. For the roller crusher, if there is wear, repair the impeller and the hammer, and replace it in time.
  3. 3. The impeller of the sand making machine is unbalanced and needs to be balanced.
  4. 4. The foundation of the sand making machine is improperly handled, and the anchor bolts are inspected and tightened.

Second, the sand machine discharge size is too large

  1. 1. Check the wear condition of the alloy hammer of the sand making machine, and repair or replace the alloy hammer.
  2. 2. Check the wear of the counter-attack plate on the side of the sand making machine and replace it if necessary.
  3. 3. Check the feed size of the sand making machine. If the feed size is too large, the discharge size will also be affected.

Third, the sand machine bearing heat

  1. 1. The sand making machine bearing lacks oil, check and refuel in time; too much oil will make the bearing heat, and the oil level must be checked when refueling.
  2. 2. The bearing of the sand making machine is damaged, check and replace the bearing in time.
  3. 3, the upper cover of the bearing body of the sand making machine is too tight, the bolts should be adjusted, and the tightness is appropriate.

Fourth, the sand machine belt flip

  1. 1. Describe the belt wear of the sand making machine and replace the triangle belt.
  2. 2, with the problem of the assembly, the pulleys need to be adjusted on the same plane.
  3. 3. Check the quality of the V-belt itself.

The above is the relevant solutions for the sand machine in the sand production line failure and solutions, I believe that will certainly help each sand plant to further improve production efficiency, reduce equipment failure rate, new era, a new starting point. For the sand making machine factory, in addition to the technology and quality of the equipment, it is necessary to consider the user's point of view to a large extent. For the sand making equipment users, it is the weight of the production process to increase the productivity and reduce the cost. The weight of the middle. We will continue to rationally configure the equipment according to the actual situation of different users, thus improving the overall efficiency of users. We will continue to make breakthroughs in innovation in the future development, and create high-priced equipment for industry users.

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