Sand Making Machine Maintenance

How should the sand making machine be maintained?

The sand making machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, and at the same time it is working in a place with poor environment. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out maintenance work frequently. The maintenance work of the sand making machine is different in different seasons. Now summer When we come, let's talk about how the sand making machine should be maintained in the summer.

Sand Making Machine Maintenance

The arrival of summer is often accompanied by hot high temperatures. The sand making machine will generate a certain amount of heat in the studio itself. This hot weather can easily lead to overheating or even burning of the motor. Therefore, the sand making machine should be in the studio. Always pay attention to the temperature changes of the various components of the equipment. Once the temperature has passed the warning, it will stop immediately until the temperature is normal before normal production. The reducer and moving parts of the sand making machine need to change the lubricating oil in time in the hot summer. The good lubricating effect can effectively reduce the temperature generated when the equipment works, and at the same time reduce the energy consumption. The hot weather will make the transmission belt of the equipment slack, and it is necessary to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the sand making machine in order not to delay the production, so as to ensure that the equipment is in good condition at any time.

The maintenance of the sand making machine is a problem that plagues many factories. How to maintain the life of the sand making machine and ensure the output of the equipment is not the maintenance method that we said in the article, but some maintenance methods may be No, the technical engineer here will introduce the maintenance taboo for the big correction.

  1. Taboo 1: The weather is dry in summer, many users choose to cool the sand making machine, and use a cool water to make a cold water bath for the sand making machine. This is OK, but the sand making machine factory reminds the user to pay attention to the drying effect after cleaning. Otherwise, it is prone to rust in summer.
  2. Taboo 2: The cylinder gap measurement is not allowed. If the measurement is not accurate, it is easy to cause the piston skirt to be perpendicular to the pin hole of the piston due to the lateral pressure, so it is not necessary to measure the cylinder gap during use.
  3. Taboo 3: Maintenance. The instructions must be described on the regular lubrication of the parts, which means that most customers will regularly add lubricants when they use them, but often we just add the lubricant, but ignore the cleaning, if only add the lubricant without cleaning, long Time accumulation can also cause damage to mechanical equipment.

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