The development trend of Raymond mill

Exploring the development trend of Raymond Mill

With the continuous development of the powder industry, the application requirements of the Raymond mill are also increasing. Raymond mill is the main equipment for grinding in China's powder industry. In order to meet the requirements of different application fields, it is an inevitable trend to develop "high reliability, energy saving, precision and automation".

The development trend of Raymond mill

1. Reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution Energy conservation and environmental protection have become the development trend of various industries. The state encourages the development and processing of mining industry, and has high standards for mining machinery. The R&D and manufacturing of Raymond Mill should pay more attention to research on high efficiency and energy saving, aiming at zero pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption and mechanical life. These key links are improved and manufactured. In the current Raymond mill market, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment with large processing capacity, high sorting efficiency and low energy consumption is the market demand direction.

2, improve the automatic control system Raymond mill in the powder industry will mainly develop in the direction of high reliability, precision, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control. It can adopt AC frequency conversion speed regulation, grease centralized lubrication, shock absorption and other measures, and has equipment for condition monitoring and automatic control of microcomputer. Among them, the high reliability needs to be studied through the rationalization of the mechanical principle to enhance the wear resistance of the grinding ring, the lower gland, and the like, and improve the lubrication of the machine before the next bearing in the continuous working state. Experts believe that automatic condition monitoring and automation control need to add a high-intelligent electronic control system inside the Raymond mill to automatically control the ingress and egress, grinding, and quantification of materials. Automatic control can effectively improve the efficiency and work accuracy and safety of Raymond Mill.

3. Improve grinding precision With the continuous improvement of the fineness requirements of powder products in the application field, the milling equipment industry is bound to develop in the direction of refinement and scale, and Raymond Mill is no exception. For a long time, Raymond mill products have rarely made breakthrough improvements. Although the grading system has been greatly improved, most of them have remained in the stand-alone transformation. As a formal product of the production equipment manufacturers, there are not many, in many parameters, for example. The size of the grinding roller ring, the power of the main engine and the spindle speed have rarely surpassed. In fact, the traditional Raymond mill has many potentials to be tapped. Increasing the accuracy of material grinding requires an increase in the accuracy of the analyzer.

This problem has always been a technical difficulty in the improvement of Raymond Mill and one of the main bottlenecks in the development of Raymond Mill. Therefore, the grinding precision of Raymond Mill in the future will be the research and development focus of related companies and R&D personnel, which will also be the key to determine the future development of Raymond Mill in the mill industry. In order to solve the problems of the traditional Raymond machine and adapt to the needs of the market, many Raymond mill manufacturers have improved and improved the Raymond mill, although these problems have been improved through the efforts of Chinese manufacturers and R&D personnel. The new Raymond mill began to occupy the market. China's Raymond mill technology improvement work tends to be more efficient and practical, which is the way for Raymond mill to adapt to the needs of the Chinese market.

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