Tire Type Mobile Construction Waste Crusher

Now, the rational use of construction waste is not impossible, and we have successfully developed a new type of equipment - construction waste crushing station. The equipment is divided into mobile and fixed type. To a large extent, the mobile crusher is more acceptable to customers, and its mobility and flexibility are good. Our company constantly adjusts and updates the technology, and can combine the mobile brick making machine to successfully make 15 kinds of new environmental protection bricks, such as grass bricks and pavement bricks, after the construction waste is broken. The realization of the recycling of construction waste.

Tire Type Mobile Construction Waste Crusher

Recycling of construction waste

Most of the waste in construction waste can be reused after being sorted, rejected or crushed. Construction waste is crushed and sorted into coarse and fine aggregates, replacing natural aggregates to prepare concrete, road base materials and building bricks. Compared with solid clay bricks, if 100 million standard bricks are used for construction waste, it can be reduced. The soil is 160,000 cubic meters, saving about 120 mu of cultivated land. At the same time, it consumes more than 300,000 tons of construction waste, saves 100 acres of land for dumping garbage, and saves 220 mu of land in total. Then we use a lot of construction waste crushers, tire-type mobile crushing stations and screening mobile crushing stations. By classifying wastes and earth and stone, all the wastes are crushed to certain specifications, and made into national environmental protection and quality requirements. Recycled building materials are widely used in road construction and foundation foundation.

We are a professional manufacturer of tire type mobile construction waste crusher. We have rich construction waste treatment technology and experience, specializing in the production and manufacture of construction waste crushing stations and mobile crushing plants. For the treatment of solid construction waste, the principle of "resources, reduction, and harmlessness" is followed. Solve the difficult problem of construction waste disposal from the aspects of economy, environmental protection and technology. We produce all kinds of crushing equipment, crawler type mobile crushing station, tire type mobile crushing station, screening mobile crushing station, good quality, good crushing effect, high efficiency, and we also provide comprehensive services. The company implements the management tenet of "survive by quality, develop by reputation"; adheres to the quality policy of "advanced technology, high quality and advanced service", bravely develops and innovates, and makes unremitting efforts to meet customer needs and potential requirements.

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