Ultrafine Mill Processing Materials

Ultrafine mill processing what materials are the most profitable

The recycling of environmental protection and articles is a hotspot of concern to all the people today. In response to the public sentiment, our company has been launching a ultrafine mill with bypass powder collector, bypass powder collector and general dust collector. Compared with the characteristics of small pressure loss and high powder collecting efficiency, it is especially beneficial to collect fine powder particles which are difficult to collect by general dust collectors. In this way, the opportunity for direct discharge of fine particles into the air is reduced, and the pollution of the air is reduced, which is very environmentally friendly. The ultrafine grinding machine produced by our company is mainly used for crushing equipment of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other mineral products. For enterprise customers, it takes a lot of investment to purchase ultrafine mills. If there is investment, there will be a return. However, what kind of materials can the ultrafine mill be able to process effectively to achieve low investment and high returns?

Ultrafine Mill Processing Materials

Ultrafine mill can process a lot of materials, such as: quartz, feldspar, porcelain clay, clay, bentonite, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, clay, white mud, gypsum and other hardness below the Mohs 7 Various non-flammable and explosive mineral products with a humidity below 6%. The mill grinds the finished product with a particle size range of 325 mesh - 3000 mesh (can be adjusted according to different requirements).

For materials such as calcite, dolomite and barite, the industrial application has been expanded exponentially after being processed by our company's ultrafine grinding machine; in the building materials, plastics, refractory materials, glass, paint, paint and other industries. A lot of ultrafine powder demand, in order to achieve low investment and high return, it is best to process ultrafine powders that are scarce in the market, such as paints and coatings that are urgently needed in the real estate industry; and cosmetics that women's friends need now.

Cost saving is to create profits. After purchasing equipment, ultrafine powder manufacturers must do a full market investigation. Senior engineers in suggest that you must choose a professional ultrafine mill manufacturer, so that the equipment you buy has after-sales protection, and you can rest assured that you can buy it with confidence. There is also a ultrafine mill in the processing of materials, to fully consider the cost of electricity, equipment maintenance, etc., the solution is to choose a good ultrafine mill.

The advantage of the ultrafine mill is that it fully considers the customer and solves the investment cost for the customer. Moreover, the ultrafine grinding machine produced by our company has the characteristics of high fineness of finished products, and the final fineness can reach d97 less than or equal to 5μm at one time; the investment cost is low, and under the same fineness, the investment is less than the airflow mill, and the cost is low. The recycling cycle is short; the equivalent fineness and power consumption of the finished product is 45% higher than that of the jet mill and the agitating mill; the wearing parts are low, and all the wearing parts are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials at home and abroad. The wearing parts of the equipment have a long service life and can generally last for more than one year.

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