Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor Introduction

SBM belt conveyors are designed for conveying heavy abrasive material such as rock, ore and gravel. It fits for both stationary and mobile crushing plants, it is widely used in mining, quarrying, construction for sandy or lump materials, or packaged materials.

The belt conveyor transfer system can be one single or multi-conveyors or combined with other transferring equipment according to various application requirements. SBM belt conveyor can be installed horizontally or aslope to meet the production needs of different transfer lines. SBM is world leading industrial conveying system supplier, our conveyors are designed to meet specific end-user requirements for high performance and cost-efficiency.

Belt Conveyor Main Benefits And Features

  1. High carrying capacity with customized length
  2. Durable and long service life
  3. Anti-skidding design ensure that it works very well even in severe environment
  4. Easy to operate and easy to maintain for it has simple structure
  5. Different models for choice

Technical Data

Belt Conveyor
Model  Width(mm)  Inclination(°)  Speed(m/s)  Capacity(t/h)  Power(L≤30m)
B500 500 0-17 1.0-2.0 100-200 4-7.5
B650 650 0-17 1.0-2.0 190-380 4-11
B800 800 0-17 1.0-2.0 300-600 5.5-18.5
B1000 1000 0-17 1.0-2.0 490-900 7.5-22
B1200 1200 0-17 1.0-2.0 730-1400 11-30

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