LSX Series Sand Washing Machine

LSX Series Sand Washing Machine

LSX Sand Washing Machine Introduction

SBM washing technology helps sand production and construction companies produce quality sand from quarry dust and river sand, etc. This quality sand not only has tangible benefits to mass construction and quality civil works but also reduces cost by consuming less cement.

Our sand washing plant has maximum efficiency from your washing plant due to the efficient integration of the feeding, aggregate screening, sand washing and water recycling equipment. Each of our sand washing installations is customised to the specific requirements of your project in relation to plant capacity and the final product specification you require.

LSX Sand Washing Machine Features

  1. Simple structure.
  2. The bearing device of impeller drive is separated from water and materials with water, to avoid the damage of the bearing.
  3. New sealing structure and reliable transmission device.
  4. Reasonable structure.
  5. High capacity, low power consumption.
  6. Easy structure, stable operation.

Technical Data

LSX Series Sand Washing Machine
Model Screw Diameter (mm) Tank Length (mm) Screw Quantity Max Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Water Consumption (t/h) Machine Size
LSX920 920 7585 1 ≤10 100 21 6-11 Y160L-6/11 10-80 8420×2180×3960
2LSX920 920 7580 2 ≤10 200 21 6-11×2 Y160L-6/11 20-160 8420×3970×3960
LSX1120 1120 9750 1 ≤10 175 17 6-18.5 Y200L1-6/18.5 20-150 10770×3950×4860
2LSX1120 1120 9750 2 ≤10 350 17 6-18.5×2 Y200L1-6/18.5 40-300 10770×5260×4860

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