Gold Ore Analytical

Gold ore is enough to content of gold and the availability of industrial mineral aggregate; Gold mine is the place that gain gold mining operations; Gold deposit is formed by mineralization can be of a certain scale industrial gold ore accumulation. Gold ore types are mainly placer gold and MaiJin two kinds. Gold is a important adornment, is also a kind of advanced materials industry.

Gold Ore Analytical

Industry overview

From a global perspective of the development of human society, in the 19th century is a century is very important. In the 19th century before thousands of years of history, human less than 10000 tons of gold, the total production, such as 18 th-century only produce 200 tons of gold in 100. In the 19th century gold production onto a new level, in 100, during the production of gold reached 11500 tons, is 57.5 times of the 18th century, which is produced during 1850-1900, 10000 tons.

In the 20th century, in general, the world's gold production in general is on the rise, respectively production surge phenomenon occurred several times. At the 1900 world gold output 300 tons a year, the highest in the early 20th century year output reached 700 tons a year, year of the maximum yield per year 1300 tons, 30 s 60 s maximum yield production year close to 1500 tons, world gold output reached 2000 tons in the 80 s, the 1990 s production is rising as a whole. Since the 1990 s, the world gold production is relatively stable, since the 21st century world gold output stable average around 2600 tons.

Gold output has increased, while some countries such as Australia, Peru, Indonesia's gold output is on the rise, but the gold producing countries such as South Africa, the United States gold output in the fall. In addition, because gold industry investment, long cycle, high production cost. From the historical data, the global mining gold number can't be rapid growth. Therefore, we believe that in the next few years the world gold output will not change is very big, is still relatively stable. According to the scientists speculate, about 60 trillion tons of gold resources in the earth's crust more than 10000 tons per person. But, so far, the world is to find out the gold resource is 89000 tons, only reserve base of 77000 tons, reserves of 48000 tons. By 2005, the human mining of gold but of 125000 tons, accounting for about one over six hundred million of the total reserves, only 20 grams per capita.

Sand gold ore dressing methods

Native gold deposit show the earth's surface, as a result of the mechanical and chemical weathering, containing gold vein gold either parent rock is broken gradually become cuttings and gold grains, etc. Then, under the transportation and separation effect of external force, the greater proportion of minerals (such as gold grains) is deposited on the slopes, river, lake shore beach, forming a certain concentration, its industrial or mining value, is called a placer gold deposit. Placer gold deposits usually use gold dredger mining, mining, hydraulic excavator mining and underground mining (shaft), etc. Placer gold deposit is given priority to with gold dredger mining in our country, also has a hydraulic mining and mining excavator.

Placer gold ore dressing process mainly includes to choose don't preparation before operation and don't work. Prepare job is mainly composed of broken and screening process. Broken is mainly produced ore grain of sand and clay slime disintegrate. Screening is to screen out not coarse grained gold. The commonly used equipment has a flat screen, cylinder, cylinder washer, etc. Placer gold mainly by gravity separation method, this is because on the one hand, placer gold than major (average 17.50 ~ 18.0), granularity coarser (average 0.074 ~ 2 mm), on the other hand is due to the gravity separation method is economy and simple. Gravity separation equipment commonly used in a variety of types of chute, jig and shaking table (often used to select).

Gold ore processing production process

Gold ore processing production process mainly includes: three crushing, grinding, beneficiation process. Crushing process, the three sections of closed-circuit crushing is the most suitable for high hardness of modern gold ore crushing, can finish the ore crushing and part of the solution from the job, thereby improving the efficiency of subsequent grinding; Grinding process, the second section is a closed grinding efficient grinding process, grinding of gold can be more fully; Ore dressing process, appear more successful new technology in recent years representative are: gravity separation, amalgamation method, cyanidation and flotation method, etc.

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