Jaw Crusher Installation

Jaw crusher is an early and relatively basic crushing equipment. It is mainly used for primary crushing or rough breaking in various crushing and sand making production lines. In fact, there are many types of jaw crusher, not only coarse crushing. Jaw crusher, as well as medium crusher and fine crusher jaw crusher, because the jaw crusher has strong crushing capacity and large crushing ratio, it is mainly used for crushing stone with high hardness, so it is often used as a primary rough breaking device.

Jaw Crusher Installation

Installation of jaw crusher

If you want the equipment to work well, the correct installation of the equipment is the basis and premise. How to properly install the jaw crusher and what problems can occur when the jaw crusher is installed, it is important to know these.

  1. Before installing the crusher, carefully check whether the installation site settings match the design drawings. If there is a difference, it is necessary to adjust it in time.
  2. Remove the spring before adjusting the discharge opening. After adjusting the size of the discharge port, install the spring and adjust the tightness to ensure the efficiency.
  3. Fix the base of the machine with cement. Because the soil is easy to loose, the machine is easy to shift when it is running. In addition, the stability, accuracy and level of the frame must be ensured during installation.
  4. Manually pull the pulley manually before running the machine. After ensuring that it is normal, the machine can be turned on to make it idle. Generally, the test machine needs to be guaranteed for a certain period of time. When the test machine is inspected, please pay attention to whether there is noise or oil leakage in the machine. If everything is normal, it means that its installation is quite successful.
  5. In the entire production line, the crusher undoubtedly plays a key role, but it also requires that the equipment must work well with other equipment, so as to form a complete production line and realize greater benefits.
  6. If the above work is normal, then the debugging of the equipment can be carried out. The debugging time should be controlled as much as 10 hours. In order to test its performance, it is better to invest in a relatively hard material. If everything is normal, then Congratulations, the equipment will be ready for use.

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