Jaw Crusher Quality

The jaw crusher has now become a classic crushing device. Every mining machinery manufacturer has produced this equipment. This has also caused users to be dazzled when choosing a jaw crusher, and they should not be able to pick it up. There are so many jaw crusher manufacturers on the market, is the jaw crusher produced by every manufacturer really reliable?

Jaw Crusher Quality

Jaw crusher steel

The quality of the jaw crusher is very good for the quality of the crusher. Different steels directly determine the price, which also determines the quality of the crusher. High-quality steel generally looks thicker, has a smooth surface, and has few scum touches. On the other hand, the material of the steel, such as the material of the jaw crusher jaw plate, the material of the jaw plate is generally high hardness and wear-resistant high manganese steel, so if the jaw crusher jaw plate is not high manganese steel material, then The crushing efficiency must not be high and the quality is poor.

Jaw crusher configuration motor

The configured motor must match the power of the jaw crusher. Do not pull the cart by the calf, otherwise the output will not be reached, and it will easily lead to equipment failure and burn the motor. Different types of jaw crushers match the power of the motor, and the motor and jaw crusher models are matched.

Jaw crusher work

Workmanship is also very important for mining machinery and equipment. Workmanship mainly refers to the structure and shape of the equipment itself, as well as some details, such as whether the steel plate is welded smoothly, cleanly and without gaps. Generally, the equipment with good quality is more meticulous. Every detail is handled well. The whole is smooth and clean. There is no gap in each weld. This equipment has long service life, good quality and high production efficiency. Therefore, when selecting the jaw crusher, pay attention to whether the important parts such as the frame, the sill plate, the side guard plate, the transmission parts, the adjusting device, and the lubricating device are cracked or cracked.

Jaw Crusher Weight

The weight is also a standard for the reference jaw crusher. This is because the weight of each type of jaw crusher is specified. If the equipment is not good, such as counterfeit, then it is in terms of weight and other technical parameters. Many will not fully meet the requirements, which is a convenient and intuitive way to verify the quality of the device.

Jaw crusher after sale

We always emphasize that after-sales is very important, not only for customers, but also for manufacturers. Good products are not afraid of maintenance, warranty, insurance, etc. The general manufacturers have a better understanding of the quality of the jaw crushers they produce, and will make an after-sales plan according to this situation. The crusher manufacturers with poor quality do not dare to make long-term plans for the equipment. The warranty period is generally only available for a short period of warranty service, such as three months, half a year, etc. The manufacturers with good quality are more confident about the quality of their products, and the warranty time is generally longer. Good after-sales can win the trust of customers, and can also save customers a lot of worry and trouble, why not do it.

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