Jaw Crusher Working Environment

The production technology of jaw crusher equipment is more and more mature, and the working environment requirements are getting higher and higher. The conditions for working of crusher equipment include the nature and state of the working object, the preparation quality of the work site and road, and the climate and geographical environment. The content is also the primary task of rational use and scientific management of crusher equipment. Today, our crusher manufacturers briefly introduce the demanding requirements of the working environment for the crusher equipment operation.

Jaw Crusher Working Environment

The nature and state of the work object

The working object here refers to the broken mineral of the jaw crusher. The physicochemical properties of the mineral seriously affect the service life of the crusher equipment and the wear degree of its parts. The state of the mineral affects the crushing efficiency of the crusher equipment.

Workplace requirements

Different crusher equipment, the venue size is also different. The site is too wasteful and wastes time, too small to affect the efficiency and safety of the crusher equipment.

Road preparation quality

This refers to the transportation requirements for minerals and equipment in the crushing process. The requirements should be smooth, no bulk, and safety requirements, to ensure the smooth operation of crushers and other equipment, to avoid personal injury and equipment accidents, improve Transportation efficiency and reduced maintenance costs keep the staff in good working order.

Choice of climatic conditions

The climatic conditions are related to the service life of the crusher equipment. Due to the large temperature difference between the north and south mines and the low temperature in the north, the crusher equipment will be in a state of low temperature brittleness, which will affect the life of the parts. Low temperature will freeze the minerals, need to be handled at any time, and make people's movements inconvenient, affecting the quality of operation. In the south, due to the thunderstorm and hot and humid climate, the humid and dusty air and toxic gases in the concentrator will affect the use and personnel of the crusher equipment. The health of the body, in this regard, whether in the south or the north, in the use and management of crushers, we must take corresponding countermeasures.

It can be seen from the above points that economically and reasonably create a good working environment for the crusher equipment, it is necessary to select reasonable parameters according to the specifications, performance and working conditions of the jaw crusher, so that the working environment can maintain effective ventilation, dustproof and anti-proof. Pollution, cold protection, lightning protection, heatstroke prevention, flood prevention and other measures.

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