Portable Stone Crushers Manufacturer

There are several different stages involved in mineral beneficiation process, including: sample preparation, crushing, grinding, size classification, and concentration.

Portable Stone Crushers Manufacturer

Quarry Crusher Plant Selection

Stone quarry crushing is generaly operated in three stages: primary crushing, secondary crushing and tertiary crushing. The primary crushing stage is the most economical operation of the aggregate plant in which to make material reduction, after the initial quarry blast. Primary crushing involves reducing shot rock from 40-inch minus to 9-inch minus rock. The secondary and tertiary crushers reduce the stone from 9-inch minus to less than 2-inch rock size. Different stages of crushing are required based on the intended final product size. Typically, further crushing stages are required to get smaller rock sizes.

All the crusher plants are designed for a certain paticle size output, the information for which can be easily obtained from the crusher manufacturers. Selecting a crusher with the desired gradation output and throughput is critical because this impacts the selection and operation of equipment downstream. Except, there are stationary and portable stone crushing plant for choice. If you want to find portable stone crushers manufacturer, or any othere information, please contact us.

Portable Stone Crushers Manufacturer

A typical quarry face will recede approximately 45 feet every year. This extra distance increases the work of the haul trucks that feed the primary crushers with the shot rock. Portable crusher plants offer the option of crushing near the blast site and using efficient conveyors to supply the secondary crushing operations. Portable crushing plants are also popular for projects with a limited project life.

One of the benefits of portable track-mounted stone crushing plant is to be positioned close to the working face and then relocated when blasting under their own power in short time. It is no doubt a good solution for optimized productivity and lowest operating costs for the crushing equipment to be located at the rock face. Traditional stationary crusher with dumptrucks can be very inefficient; the largest hauler can expend up to 60% of its energy propelling its own weight, with only 40% used for moving the blasted rock. The portable stone crusher equipped with conveyors is much more economical than using dumptrucks and there is no limit on their length.

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